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The soul behind... DJB

The soul behind...

"As soon as the music started he runs to his mother ... He hugged her legs with his puny arms, and put his feet on top of them. Step by step, he learned to dance clinging to his mother's skirts ... “

From all the memories he had from a distant time in Angola, this was undoubtedly the most striking. He closed his eyes and he could transport himself to that same yard and see his mother's features. The mother that he has not seen since the age of fourteen, when he left for Portugal, and that he would never see again unless there is such a thing as an afterlife. His mother that at the same time is the source of his pain, due to missing her so much, and the source of his energy. She will forever remain the force that keeps him going.

Give up? Never! He knows he needs to become the man that is mother wanted him to be. With her, he learned to love music and as long as he lives this love will never end. The love for music merged with the love for his mother. It merged with the memories of those hot afternoons when they danced together in the yard… It merged with the memories of the nights she sang to him until he fell asleep… It merged with the melody of her voice that he still carries in his heart... Mother... His Mother... His music... His strength...

The time in Portugal was brief. It is impressive how in a lifetime a couple of years feel like half an hour in one day. Brief ... The move to England was due to the unique desire to follow his dreams. The future? Music, no doubt. Being a DJ was much more than playing some songs at a party. Being a DJ meant and means, at least for him, respecting the music, knowing it, mastering it… The graduated as a Sound Engineer with a lot of hard work but it wasn’t on him to give up. He had to do it could not be otherwise. In order to make a living from music one has to know where it comes from, acknowledge its vibration, its changes of direction...

For years, known as DJ UK, he animated African nights in England. With headphones in his ears, and his feet setting the pace and following the rhythm, he rejoiced watching the audience vibrate with his music selections. It always felt like his mother was there amongst the crowd, vibrating and cheering...

As he accomplished his dreams, one by one, more would follow. His company "Não Custa Nada", which started from a joke with friends, promotes music, artists and events. As with everything, with experience come maturity and the need to accept that. He decided to drop his “artist name” and goo by the name his mother gave him. People should know him for who he really was. What is the need to change the name that defines him? What is the need to create an image based on the public that he entertains? DJ UK? No... Domingos Jorge Bartholomeu, his family name, a blessed name given by his mother...

When he first put on paper the acronym of his name, he couldn’t avoid smiling at the coincidence: DJB. For as much as he wanted to separate himself from the acronym for "Deejay" it seems naturally impossible. Coincidence or destiny? This question only in another life his mother could respond. DJB yesterday, today and forever.

The next step? Music, no doubt. Now DJB is aiming to become a music producer and is more than one hundred per cent dedicated to his new project "Me Suja" knowing that soon more will come. Never afraid of the future because he knows what the future brings: Music and the smile of his mother ... Today, a fighter and a father, DJB feels blessed. He is certain that the feet that have managed to teach him his first dance steps, when he didn’t not even know how to walk, will always give him the support to move forward. Either in the form of a kiss of his children, a hug, a kind word, a song ... Those same feet that assumed so many different forms throughout his life will always be there or of that he is sure.

In the form of a melody his guardian angel embraces him it until the day, in another life, that he will be able to stretch his arms, once again, hold her  and carefully place his feet on top of hers and dance, in that same yard in the suburbs of Angola, dance , dance…

Adelaide Miranda, September 2016
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